About us

World IT Lawyers is an established global alliance of member firms that share a common aspiration to provide the best service to clients throughout the world, in the full spectrum of IT law. Through recommending expert lawyers with strong international connections we are able to provide an array of services that one firm alone may not have the capacity to do.

World IT Lawyers offers you outstanding service through:

  • Integration
    World IT Lawyers is more than a directory of law firms or contributors to a newsletter. Our network of 13 law firms from around the world came into existence in 2001. We communicate with each other on a regular basis, conduct research projects on current developments in IP law and share each other’s know-how and expertise. World IT Lawyers also holds an annual conference for these purposes. This collaboration allows us to deliver more efficient and effective legal services to our clients.
  • Quality & Focus
    While World IT Lawyers individual member firms practice law in many different areas, the network focuses specifically on IP and IT law. We offer professional competence and in-depth knowledge concerning intellectual property, data protection, telecommunications and other laws affecting the IT industry. This focus, along with the close cooperation between the member firms, yields top quality work for our clients.
  • Value
    World IT Lawyers understand technology-driven companies and appreciate their needs. Network members provide prompt and practical legal solutions, at prices commensurate with the value received by the client.