Belgium develops a government cloud similar to the UK, by Geert Somers (time.lex)

Belgium develops a government cloud similar to the UK, by Geert Somers, partner with time.lex

The use of commercial cloud computing services by Belgian governmental institutions and the privacy and security aspects thereof have been subject to in-depth parliamentary discussions. Public authorities often lack infrastructure and need temporary solutions. In the past, they had to rely on expensive outsourcing models. Commercial cloud services offer a cheaper, more flexible and easier alternative thereto. At this stage, cloud-computing services are not subject to specific legal rules, leaving the general law provisions applicable. In view of giving governmental institutions a legally compliant and reliable framework through which they can buy ad-hoc commodity services on a pay-per-use basis, the Belgian government developed a so-called G-Cloud framework, similar to what the UK already did. The G-Cloud is a hybrid combination of public and private cloud, i.e. the existing consolidated data centres of the federal government and commercial cloud services, which can be ordered through a self-service portal. The federal ICT ministry recently selected a market player that it considers solid for this purpose.

Also, the Belgian Privacy Commission announced that it is preparing an opinion on the privacy aspects of offering and using cloud services, in particular about the risks connected to the development of a cloud strategy by public authorities. It will also issue a recommendation about the use of cloud computing by companies.

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