Belgium: Will the Privacy Commission become a Privacy Police?, by Davide Maria Parrilli (time.lex)

Belgium: Will the Privacy Commission become a Privacy Police?, by Davide Maria Parrilli, attorney with time.lex

Privacy compliance by Belgian companies will in the future be subject to a more intense and pro-active monitoring strategy of the Belgian Privacy Commission. This was announced by Mr. Willem Debeuckelaere, President of the Privacy Commission, in an interview with the Belgian newspaper De Standaard on 21 October 2013. The new reinforcement strategy is the outcome of a strategic workshop between the members of the Privacy Commission.

A special task force with investigative powers will be implemented to ensure that Belgian companies processing personal data do not sell personal information, including sensitive data, to marketing companies without duly respecting the applicable legal requirements. Another major worry for the Data Protection Authority is the risk of security breaches and data leaks, as it recently happened to some large Belgian companies.

For the moment the focus will be on insurance companies, hospitals and other organisations that process a substantial amount of personal data, which could be sold to third parties for marketing purposes.

The Privacy Commission will not only impose fines for privacy violations, it will also focus on alternative measures, such as prohibiting infringing companies to continue the processing of certain data. The final goal is to have an efficient and effective privacy watchdog with real sanctioning powers and officers active in performing investigations on the field more than only dealing with strict theoretical legal issues.

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