Cybercrime Prevention Best Practices Guide, by Edwin Jacobs (time.lex)

Cybercrime Prevention Best Practices Guide, by Edwin Jacobs, partner with time.lex

Written by Edwin Jacobs on , in category Cybercrime

B-CCENTRE presents a guide with best practices to prevent cybercrime in your organisation. A guide has been created with 10 key principles, 10 action points and a self assessment questionnaire. This will help organisations and corporates to evaluate their security situation and to see which basic rules they can or should apply. The guide was developed by a joint effort between B-CCENTRE, ISACA Belgium,ICC Belgium,VBO-FEBEYMicrosoft and Lsec under the guidance of a Steering Board comprised of experts in cyber security in Belgium. Jos Dumortier, partner at time.lex, was the driving force behind the launch in 2011 of the Belgian Cybercrime Centre of Excellence for Training, Research and Education (B-CCENTRE) where this cybercrime guide is available as pdf download.


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