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Edwin Jacobs | Legal specialist in ecommerce law and privacy and data protection

Edwin Jacobs
Lawyer, specialised in international ecommerce law.

World IT Lawyers is your specialized one stop shop for legal support for cross-border eCommerce and international eBusiness opportunities in Europe. Our specialized lawyers can help you with legal advice, contracts and negotiations, dispute resolution (court, mediation, arbitration) in any eCommerce or eBusiness related area, for example:

  • cross-border eCommerce projects / international opportunities
  • privacy and data protection
  • consumer protection law
  • digital signatures, authentication
  • custom and duties, tax
  • electronic contracting
  • computer or cyber crime and security
  • intellectual property

Cross-border eCommerce projects / international opportunities

Various legal questions may arise in your cross-border eCommerce venture, including about payment law and regulations and regulatory compliance, mobile banking, ePayment, mobile wallet, mobile payment, eInvoice, eBilling, eArchiving, data retention, payment cards, pre-paid, eMoney, Payment Services Directive (PSD), SEPA direct debit, financial services regulation, banking, finance, insurance, transaction data, access account, service level agreement (SLA), social media, internet law, internet service provider (ISP), content provider, user generated content ,  selective distribution and the Internet, agency, franchise, distant selling, webshop, gaming.

Privacy and data protection

  • In your cross-border eCommerce project you may come accross questions like:
  • Should I always obtain individuals’ consent to process their personal data?
  • How should I protect personal data?
  • Should I notify every personal data processing to the competent privacy authority?
  • Does it apply to B2B or only in B2C?
  • What about mandatory compliance, data disclosure, data breach, data transfer, safe harbor, big data, data mining?

Consumer protection law

While consumer protection legislation has been largely harmonized in the European Union, differences still remain in the member states. Points of interest for your B2C legal compliance include the right to revoke a consent to a sale, the right to revoke payments, the use of direct debits, custom and duties, VAT, upfront payment before delivery allowed or not, advertising, direct marketing etc.

Digital signatures, authentication

E-Identity, identity management, eID card, trust services, electronic registered letter, eSafe, eVault, encryption, electronic seal etc. We can advise on all related topics for different industry sectors, including the banking and finance sector, media, telecom, insurance…

Custom and duties, tax

Tax issues such as VAT, custom and duties for import into Europe, etc

Electronic contracting

By this topic we mean not only the answer to the question how you can conclude a contract by electronic means (EDI, e-mail, internet, SMS etc), but we also advise about all kinds of IT contracts, such as cloud computing, IT contracts for hardware, software or services, support and maintenance contract, use of e-mail, electronic evidence in court etc

Computer or cyber crime and security

Online fraud, KYC-AML compliance, security standards, outsourcing, data protection.

Intellectual property rights

IP rights are crucial in any cross-border eCommerce initiative, i.a. copyright and trade marks, software protection, patent, CE labeling, design, counterfeiting, trade secrets, confidentiality agreement (NDA), database rights, domain name dispute (WIPO, ICANN, national), technology creation, protection, exploitation, transfer, technology license, software license, open source, media, entertainment, unfair trade practice, streaming, content distribution, smart TV, distribution and exploitation TV rights …

IPR’s are also an important legal issue in the sector of eGovernment (open data, public data), eProcurement, augmented reality and 3D printing.

World IT Lawyers has joined forces with PayvisionReD Worldwide and PAY.ON as the first members of the Cross-Border eCommerce Community (CBEC), endorsed by The Paypers and Ecommerce Europe association.

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