IBA Conference: Legal Risks and New Technologies: Challenges for the Modern Enterprise. 22–23 January 2015

‘Legal Risks and New Technologies: Challenges for the Modern Enterprise’. 22–23 January 2015

A conference presented by the IBA Technology Law Committee, supported by the European Regional Forum

Topics include:

  • Integration issues: Risks associated with combining new technologies with legacy solutions
  • Security issues: Risks associated with the introduction of new technologies
  • Compliance issues: Considerations and requirements when introducing new technologies
  • Using new technologies to manage risks
  • Software asset management
  • Governance issues and the dispute settlement process

Who should attend?

In-house counsel, private practitioners, academics, regulators and professionals in the financial services and technology sector as well as those with an interest in the latest and future developments in technology law and the use of technology in modern enterprises.

For further information please visit: http://www.ibanet.org/Article/Detail.aspx?ArticleUid=A983EBE4-50DA-424D-96DB-3FC8E8988D41


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