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time.lex is a law firm based in Brussels, specialised in information and technology law in the broadest sense, including privacy protection, data and information management, e-business, intellectual property and telecommunications. Its activities cover all legal issues encountered in the creation, management and exploitation of information and technology, in all of its diverse forms.

While time.lex itself is still young, having been founded in July 2007 by prof. Jos Dumortier, Geert Somers and Hans Graux, the team behind it already has an established track record in its field of expertise. Collectively, the founders represent well over 25 years of experience in information and technology law, from an academic, business and policy perspective, spanning every aspect of this discipline.

Key fields of expertises

The time.lex team has extensive experience in most aspects of information and technology law, both from a pragmatic perspective as lawyers at het bar of Brussels, and from a scientific perspective as academics at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and ICT of the University of Leuven (K.U. Leuven).

The time.lex team is specifically known for its European policy studies in a variety of subjects, including electronic signatures, electronic identity management, e-business and e-government, in which they can rely on an extensive network of IT law experts covering all European countries.

From a business perspective, time.lex frequently assists companies in establishing suitable policies and legal frameworks in their data management activities, including with regard to the cross border transfer and processing of personal data, data security and liability management issues. Its clients include private companies and public sector bodies in the IT sector, financial services, e-health, marketing and e-commerce.