Gaming Law


The on-line gaming and betting sector is being liberalized in many countries worldwide. Just in Europe the gaming industry is growing in the United Kingdom, Italy, Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Austria and many other regions. The Gaming law encompasses matters included in various areas of law, including constitutional law, administrative law, tax law, corporate law, commercial law and criminal law. Our Gaming & Betting Group offers a full-rounded advice in multiple jurisdictions related to the following fields:

Licensing for land based betting houses at regional jurisdictions; licensing for online gaming and betting at regional level (if possible); licensing in international jurisdictions where online gaming is allowed; obtaining authorizations for games, draws, raffles and others before the gaming authorities across multiple jurisdictions.

Legal reports before launching activities in this sector; investments, joint ventures and partnerships agreements; blank platforms and share revenue agreements; liabilities, indemnities and risk management; tax regulations and planning in the gaming sector; legal compliance depending on games and business model.