Internet and e-Commerce


Successful online businesses require a comprehensive legal strategy on a broad range of issues ranging from commercial contracts, intellectual property, business development and communications, privacy policies, terms of use and website agreements. Our multidisciplinary team of IT lawyers has a proven track record advising on all aspects required by online businesses, including site development, data security and privacy, regulatory compliance and competition, tax matters, and commercial contracts, enabling us to develop the most effective solutions to challenges in the Internet market. We also protect your brands, reputation, content, proprietary technology, and technical infrastructure from threats such as cybersquatting, infringement, counterfeiting, and security breaches.

We provide advice to large corporations and startups on website data protection and privacy policies, copyrights, protection and enforcement of intellectual property’s rights, copyrights in relation to mobiles and the internet, on-line fraud, computer piracy, software protection, trademark protection, trademark litigation, patent protection, and illegitimate use of unauthorized channels against brands and companies, safeguarding brand reputation and business assets, software development agreement contracts and licenses, as well as exploitation rights assignment.

We are able to respond promptly with national and multi-jurisdictional strategies, surveys and advice.