Technology Contracts


Our IT lawyers advise on a wide variety of commercial contracts used in the IT and telecoms industries, ranging from software licenses to complex multi-jurisdictional outsourcing services. Many of our alliance lawyers have an IT-industry background and are experienced in the legal and commercial aspects of technology issues. We are used to facing the legal challenges posed by new technical developments, such as social networking, instant messaging, and cloud computing.

Much of our work concerns agreements for the provision of IT services, such as application development and maintenance, data center operation, or global telecommunications arrangements. We also deal with agreements for the implementation of new technology, consultancy services, collaboration arrangements, and software distribution and escrow.

We advise on all aspects of technology contracts, often handling negotiations over service levels and service credits, intellectual property ownership, disclaimers, limitations of liability. We have significant experience in cross-border arrangements and have handled transactions involving parties in all major countries.